We build the iconic BMW M3 E30 specialised for the rallysport.
Think about everything you can imagine,
from a shell to a FIA-approved car that’s worthy of winning.

This car is driven with passion, controlled by emotions.

‘The desire to drive is the way to drive.”


6 gears
300+Hp – 300Nm
The S14B23 is famous about 1 thing, the air-intake sound. High revs, with a correct Inlet and exhaust manifold creates a sound what is unforgettable
The screaming sound, letting the gasses free

We are not making replicas, we are not making copies. We try to combine the best of now with the best of then.

We use the famous M3 body with, for example, Reiger suspension, reinforced front suspension and brackets, gear levers, wiring, dashboard, and so on. But the most important thing is that it has the historic ‘look

Pure emotion -> Created with power

Engine: Bmw S14B23
capacity: 2300cc
Power: 315hp
Torque: 310Nm
Exhaust: FIA Rally in combination with a 76MM sidepipe
Clutch: 5.1kg flywheel with 2plate AP 184mm clutch
Gearbox: Drenth 6speed dogbox
Reardifferential: BMW m5 210, Custom Slip, 5;28 / 5;43 ratio
topspeed: 182 – 199 km/h
Brakes front: 4 pot AP / 6 pot AP Replica
brakes rear: 4 pot AP / 4 pot AP Replica
fueltank: Continental 58L with internal catchtank
electrics: Custom made, Prodrive middle console
Dampers: Reiger suspension HTP
uprights: Prodrive look / BmwM3E30

Like then, From Now,
Made with Passion

As a young boy who loves rally and building things, we started working on the M3 in 2015. Since then, we have been competitive with the cars we have built. Our cars look like they are from 1988, but they have the technology of today. We continuously develop our parts, from engine brackets to gearbox supports, shifter tables, and front wishbones. We improve our side at every rally until we reach a certain level and become unbeatable!

All of our body shells are aqua-blasted, fully welded, and reinforced.
All of our cars come with a FIA Historic Passport.


If you’re interested in building one, let us know, and we can arrange a meeting in person or over the phone/Zoom. The workshop is always open for a visit.

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